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Sustainability has recently made a corporate shift toward a more sustainable business model. We are in the midst of a company-wide review that will allow us to understand our and weaknesses as we embrace this new model. One of the strengths we are proud to recognize is our company's on-going commitment to environmental issues.

We have made the following changes in an effort to reduce transportation emissions:

  • 62% of our employees use alternative methods of transportation to get to work; including walking, cycling, or taking the bus. provides an Eco-pass at no charge to all employees to support their use of our inter-city transit system.
  • Our product is screened and built in our factory, located less than two miles from our main office in Boulder, Colorado. Our custom graphics are also printed in-house.

We also take the following measures to reduce the amount of raw materials that we use each year:

  • We use Green Cell Foam, a starch-based foam that is biodegradable, for all of our packaging.
  • 100% of our returned plaques are inspected by Quality Control and those that are considered in perfect condition are then used to fill orders.
  • 100% of our inter-office communication is printed on recycled paper.
Our plaque was designed with the environment in mind. Our piece is reusable because the graphic is customized, not the plaque. This feature allows us to correct any customer service concerns by only supplying a new graphic to our customers instead of a new plaque.

Our custom award plaques are currently made from Lucite. We value our product for its durability. Our plaques are designed to retain their appeal and integrity over time. An award plaque from will showcase your accomplishments indefinitely.

On October 17, 2005, one of the main production plants for Lucite International reached a Clean Air Act Settlement that includes installing an estimated $16 million in pollution controls. supports the outcome of this settlement. However, we are always investigating an alternate source of product for our plaques.

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